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Q&A For 1080P 4in1 Camera

Our 1080P 4in1 (HD-TVI, HD-AHD, HD-CVI, SD Analog CVBS) IR Indoor Outdoor Cameras are 4in1 cameras which can connect with 4 different (TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS) system to fit your needs. The camera default setting is HD-TVI. If your system is not HD-TVI, you may need to switch to the same mode as your system. (Please follow the instruction we provide in the camera package)


Q: How to switch the 1080P 4in1 camera to different system mode? 

(You can find the instruction in the camera user manual) 

User-Friendly Joystick configuration button for video format switching and OSD (On Screen Display) menu access.

Push down on the joystick button to access the OSD menu to setup/fine tune the video performance and powerful function of the camera.

  • Switch the output signal format by the joystick button (within 10 sec of power on)
    • SD CVBS: Push the joystick button towards the left for 5 seconds then release
    • HD-TVI: Push the joystick button towards the right for 5 seconds then release
    • HD-AHD: Push the joystick button up for 5 seconds then release
    • HD-CVI: Push the joystick button down for 5 seconds then release


Q: How SONY STARVIS Image sensor Camera night view is better than others?


The STARVIS is back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors for surveillance camera applications. 

Please feel free to check the STARVIS video here

SONY STARVIS’s Superior Visibility Technology. Superior (2 to 3 more times) Visibility than EXview HAD CCD

Sony’s STARVIS for CMOS Image Sensors Exhibits Excellent Visibility Evan at Night. STARVIS increases the light utilization efficiency over a wide range of wavelengths, enhancing sensitivity in both the visible light and the near infrared light region that is often used by security cameras. STARVIS achieves a sensitivity of 2,000 mV or more per 1um pixel size, and realize two to three more times of the existing CCD image sensor (EXview HAD CCD II)



Q: What's the camera viewing angle? (In general)



 Q: What does WDR mean?


WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) refers the ability of the camera to handle very wide light ranges. It is usually exhibited when people are in front of a large window where it is a very bright outside. If you want to see both the person's features as well as the very bright scene behind them, you need a camera that provides WDR. WDR is usually provided by taking multiple pictures at different gain settings and then averaging the result into one composite picture.




For more questions, please feel free to contact our tech support team. We will be very happy to assist you. Thank you!

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